Paramount is committed to protect the safety and health of our employees and contractors, the public, and the environment.

This commitment is captured through our Health, Safety and Environment Policies.

These policies are put into practice through a disciplined management framework called the Paramount Operational Excellence Management System (POEMS).

POEMS sets out requirements in the form of Operating Expectations and Paramount Practices to provide a systematic way to identify, analyze and control operational risk.  Delivering safe, environmentally responsible and reliable operations.

POEMS is “how we do business” and through collaborative design, drives functional cooperation and continuous risk reduction across all of our regions.

POEMS Elements – Summary and Boundaries


High-level (Overarching) Statements


Leadership Accountability & Commitment

Personnel in leadership positions provide clear direction to their teams and demonstrate a commitment to safe, efficient, operations by holding their teams, and themselves accountable to management expectations.


Risk Management

Operating risks are assessed, prioritized, managed, and mitigated in alignment with standardized company expectations.


Occupational Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Business is managed in a manner to prevent harm to the health of employees, contractors, local communities, and the environment.  Control processes provide a work environment that allows tasks to be completed safely, without unplanned loss of containment.


Process Safety

The integrity of infrastructure used in hazardous operations is managed by applying industry-accepted design principles, and engineering, operating, and maintenance practices known to prevent or control incidents.


Training & Competency

Roles required to meet business needs are filled by competent personnel with appropriate qualifications, skills, and knowledge, all of which are maintained as needs and roles evolve.


Information Management & Document Control

Information, documents, and records necessary to meet business requirements are developed, reviewed, maintained, secured, and made readily and appropriately available.


Design, Construction & MOC

Company infrastructure is designed and constructed according to a standardized philosophy that will assure adherence to all elements of POEMS throughout the entire lifecycle of the assets.  A formal program is in place to systematically manage temporary and permanent changes to existing infrastructure.


Regulatory Compliance & Community Engagement

Paramount is visibly seen to act as a neighbor, partner, employer, and investor of choice as it delivers responsible operations, conforms to commitments, and seeks to have a positive influence on the communities in which it operates.  This is achieved by complying with legal and regulatory requirements, which enhances the company’s reputation by engaging stakeholders on the issues that affect them.


Goods, Materials, & Contractor / 3rd Party Management

Practices and processes are designed to systematically assure goods, equipment, and services provided by third parties meet contractual and legal requirements.


Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

Paramount prepares for and responds promptly to crises or emergency events threatening harm to people, places, or property, or an interruption to business operations.  An emergency management system is in place which allows for immediate response to all levels of emergencies or security threats.


Loss Reporting & Analysis

Incidents are reported and investigated to determine immediate and systemic causes and implement appropriate corrective actions.  Learnings are shared to reduce the likelihood of recurrence and improve operating performance.  Incidents identifying a governing gap in POEMS are comprehensively analyzed and used to contribute to the continuous improvement of the system.


Operational Excellence – Assessment & Performance Review

Standardized metrics provide visibility into the delivery of operating targets and promote continuous improvement through use in assessments, audits, and learnings activities.  Through periodic reviews, the continued adequacy and appropriateness of POEMS is assured and systemic improvements in performance are achieved.