Paramount Resources Ltd. is working closely with Oildex™ to provide OpenInvoice™ – An online application that allows our suppliers to submit invoices electronically at no cost.

Paramount’s e-invoicing system is an innovative approach to improving overall business processes.  Benefits include:

  • Invoice is received following its submission by the vendor
  • The invoice is electronically routed directly to the department
  • Immediate notification to the vendor when an invoice has been disputed
  • Vendor can monitor progress of each invoice

If you are interested in learning about submitting your invoices electronically, please see below for details.


When an order is placed, an Paramount representative will provide you with the following:

  • Site/Department Code
  • Cost Center and/or AFE Number
  • Location or UWI
  • First and Last name of Paramount recipient, and
  • Signature of Paramount recipient

When submitting an electronic invoice, please provide all the information on the attached detailed Invoice requirements (PDF).

Additional backup previously provided along with an invoice will now be required as an electronic attachment when an invoice is submitted. This may include backup in the form of a work order, field ticket or packing slip. This backup must be signed by an Paramount representative.

Please be advised that as of January 15th 2018, Paramount Resources Ltd. will no longer accept paper or emailed invoices.


Company info:  http://openinvoice.com/

Interested in signing up: Join Now

Vendor technical support: Email: openinvoicesupport@oildex.com Phone: 1-866-627-3287